DEGA, a Degen Games Ecosystem, is leading the charge in fully decentralized play-to-win
experiences on blockchain developed platforms.The debut game, Degen Play, and a
cutting-edge NFT Marketplace are already live, accompanied by the $DEGA Token on the BSC Network, now tradable on Pancake Swap and Disruptive Exchange with plans to list on top level exchanges at some point in 2024.Looking ahead just around the corner, Degen Galaxy,
a second play-to-win game is set to launch in Q1-2024, solidifying DEGA’s commitment to
transforming decentralized gaming.


The GOAT DEGENS boasts a diverse range of 7 exclusive NFT Membership Levels, all offering BNB Rewards generated by the DEGA gaming ecosystem. GOAT DEGENS are leading the charge in colonizing a limitless world.


DEGA has unveiled two groundbreaking decentralized games: DEGEN PLAY already live, and the upcoming DEGEN GALAXY currently Live in test mode. Both games offer a thrilling, fast-paced experience that is both easy and enjoyable. Take the plunge and experience the excitement now!

Dega Token

Introducing $DEGA, the BSC token representing the entire DEGA Ecosystem. The ecosystem was also build to constantly feed the token and make it a sustainable long term hold.


Hit the Bitcoin trend every 60 seconds and get instant BNB rewards in your wallet through the security of Smart Contracts.

Your rewards are directly
to your wallet!

It is important to note that the games offered on our site are recreational in nature and we do not guarantee specific results or financial gains. Game results are completely random and depend on factors beyond our control. By using our site and participating in the games, you accept full responsibility for your actions and decisions. You understand that results are unpredictable and may vary from game session to game. The blockchain technology used on our site guarantees the security and transparency of transactions, but you should take into account that we are not responsible for technical failures that may occur outside of our control. We respect your privacy and protect your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy. You can be sure that your data will be treated confidentially. It is important that you read and understand these terms and conditions before using our site. By accessing and using our services, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


Engage in a fast-paced crypto competition where the top 10 coins soar as rockets against each other in the limitless Degen Galaxy. Select a winner every 1.5 minutes to earn BNB rewards securely via smart contracts.


Embark on an exploration of our advanced DEGA Marketplace, a groundbreaking platform meticulously developed for your needs. Dive into a fully realized platform where innovation knows no bounds. Take the leap and commence the minting of your assets today,


The GOAT DEGENS embody the spirit of devoted citizens in a boundless world. Each NFT symbolizes an exclusive BNB Rewards Membership for our pioneering, fully developed games—Degen Play and Degen Galaxy. DEGA GOAT DEGEN Members stand to gain fully automated BNB rewards at a rapid interval of every 1.5 minutes when players are actively playing. These rewards originate from the revenue streams of both games and are securely sent directly into all participating crypto wallets through the resilient and secure framework of smart contracts.


Meet $DEGA, the dynamic Binance Smart Chain (BSC) token that encapsulates our entire ecosystem. In a visionary move, a percentage of the BNB revenues generated by our diverse games fuels weekly $DEGA token buys, boosting liquidity, increasing trading volume, and consistently feeding the charts. This strategic reinvestment not only fortifies the ecosystem but also ensures that token holders directly benefit from the platform’s success. Join us in shaping the future of a decentralized world, where $DEGA represents more than just a token —it’s a journey of innovation and community growth. 

Contract: 0xB2C40B797cc80dEbD08A4AB26d1bc2F2317b6c7c